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Like all clubs there are some rules set up for our fishing. Listed below are general, boat, shore and competition rules and you should be familiar with them before fishing. If you want to make a change to the rules, this can be done as a proposal to the committee.


Fishing Rules




1)        Fishing grounds for the purpose of competitions, local specimens or trophy fishing are:-

  • Southerly limit Royal Sovereign Light,

  • Westerly limit Pevensey Sluice,

  • Beach Easterly limit London Road St Leonards

  • Boat Easterly limit Harbour Arm Hastings

Exceptions for specimen fish and club  records

  • Tope may be caught outside of these limits but will only qualify for specimen awards.

  • No wreck caught fish will be valid for normal Club competitions but may be weighed in for fish of the month awards, Wreck only trophies and wreck competitions.

  • To qualify as a specimen fish the captors boat must be launched and returned to Bexhill beach areas within 24 hours.


2)         Fishing must conform to N.F.S.A. rules. Two rods may be used but no more than three hooks overall. No hand lines or mickets at any time.                                               

3)         Fishing in Club Beach competitions shall be from Club headquarters to Club headquarters at times stated.                                                                                                                 

4)         Knockout and similar competitions, not completed at year end will be awarded to the competitor with the most points accumulated.                                                

5)         All postponed Trophy competitions to be fished on next "non Trophy" date.               


6)        A minimum entry of three boats will be required to hold a Boat competition.


7)        Boats with an engine size of 10 horsepower or less, will be given a 15 minute start during Boat competitions, but shall finish at the same time as             other competitors, however, they will be given 15 minutes extra to weigh in.    


8)        Boat competitions will commence just afloat or from the beach at the time stated on a signal from the Stewards. The appointed permanent                   Stewards will decide if competitions are to be held or restricted. In the event of a Commodore being appointed to fish the competition                         “Commodore Style”, all boats will fish within sight of the Commodore. The Commodore boat must display an identifying flag. At a signal from              him all boats will return to shore and the competition will cease from that time. Any member disobeying the order to return to shore could be               subject to disciplinary action.

           Boats reaching the shore after the finishing time stated could be disqualified, exceptions being boats towed or towing, or the Commodore                   after fishing Commodore Style.

           All bags must be in the possession not later than 15 minutes after the finishing time of competitions for weighing in purposes. (The exception               being rule 7 above). Any member weighing in undersized fish could, at the discretion of the Stewards, have 5 points per illegal fish deducted                 from Championship totals at the time of weighing in.


9)        During Boat competitions, commencement of weighing in will be at the discretion of the Stewards. Interpretation of all rules in item 8 will be at             the discretion of the Stewards.                                                                                                                      



a)        Boat competition points are calculated as follows towards respective championships;-

                       Competitors shall be awarded one point per fish and one point for each whole pound of fish. The points will then decide the winner                               and placing order.

                       Winners of both the Competition and the Pool will be awarded to the competitor with the most points. The only exceptions to this                                 being those Trophies awarded for the heaviest weight, however, from 1st January 1998 all trophies and competitions will be decided on                         most points.

                      On deciding the placing order as above, points for the purpose of calculating the Boat Championship will be awarded pro-rata of 40                              points per competition. A competitor not weighing in will receive an attendance award of 2 points.

                      The Boat Championship is calculated using each competitor best six results in Boat competitions.

           b)       Beach competition points are calculated as follows towards respective championships:-

                      Winners will receive 10 points; second 9 points; third 8 points; fourth 7 points and all others weighing in will receive 4 points. A                                        competitor not weighing in will receive an attendance award of 2 points.

                      Winners of both the Competition and the Pool will be awarded to the bag with the heaviest weight.

11)      All entries for Boat competitions should be at least 15 minutes before the start when booking in by Stewards will cease. After this time a late                 entry book will be provided. Late entry fees must be paid before weighing in.


Protests and Objections regarding competitions must be made immediately and lodged with Stewards. A sub-committee will deal with the complaint at the time.         


12)       The weigh in area will be roped off, only the Stewards and Assistants will be allowed in this area. Stewards of the day should weigh each                         other's catches.


13)      Mackerel and Scad (Horse Mackerel) are barred from Boat competitions however, specimens can be weighed in but do not count towards the               competition. Pout of 12 inches and over are eligible for Boat competitions, however, subject to a maximum of 5 fish per competitor.                                                                             

14)      Specimen fish can not be weighed in by the member catching the fish, but by any other member. Fish that conform to N.F.S.A. Specimen sizes             must be weighed in on Club scales and witnessed by two other members. An Officer or a Committee member of the Club must weigh those                  specimen fish exceeding the present Club record. If there is any doubt as to the identity of a species these must be presented to the Fish                      Recorder (or his deputy) to identify. Registering of specimen fish shall be the responsibility of the captor.    


15)      Competition fees to be decided by the Committee.    


16)      Non members fishing in Members boats regularly will be expected to join as members. Ad-hoc visitors will be allowed temporary membership              on a once only basis at a charge of 50p.


17)      Members living out of town who win a trophy shall obtain permission from the Secretary before taking it away.                                                                                           

18)       The Secretary will check all N.F.S.A. specimen fish.


19)      Festival Competitions will take priority over all other competitions.  


20)      The duties of the Boat Steward and Fish Recorder will be decided by the Committee and will be answerable to them in the discharge of their                 duties.


21)      Separate records shall be kept for Beach, Boat and Wreck caught fish. Specimen registration entries must be clearly marked accordingly.                                       

22)       All “mini” fish are eligible for competitions provided that they are not less than 18 centimetres in length.                                                                                                    

23)      Members not fishing boat competitions are requested not to use the winches when it might impede competitors.                                                                                

24)      All winch operators should use a winch that affords them the clearest view of the boat being winched.                                                                                                    

25)      All Fishing rules may be altered, added to or deleted by the Committee.






​1)        Boats must be of a minimum of 12 feet and a maximum of 18 feet in length.    


2)        Boat site holders must be of a minimum of 18 years of age.


3)        If it can be proved that a Club Member having a boat site does not use that boat for angling activities, it shall be left to the discretion of the                   Committee whether or not he or she will be allocated a site the following year.    


4)        No Member shall be permitted to keep more than one boat on a Club site.                  


5)        Boat site holders shall not engage in commercial fishing from a Club site.                  


6)        All boats going afloat must be seaworthy and have a compass and flares aboard.       


7)        All boat users going afloat must have a life jacket or buoyancy aid aboard and All Juniors must wear life jackets or buoyancy aids while afloat.                                             

8)        Boat sites are not transferable.                                                                                       


9)        No boat shall be allowed to participate in a Boat Competition unless two Club members are in the boat. The only exception to this being                       when there are no other Club members wishing to fish.

           Boats outside of Club competitions may fish with one person in the boat but they must be within sight or visible of B.S.A.C. Clubhouse or other             boats.


10)       Members are expected to keep their boat sites tidy.                                                      


11)      All Boat rules may be altered, added to or deleted by the Committee.

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