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BSAC Committee

Here you will find details about the committee, the club proceedings, public minutes of meetings and the club constitution.

Meet the Club Committee 2023


Steve Hanks



Hi, I am Steve and Chairman of the Bexhill Sea Angling Club.


Whether you're a keen beach angler, a boat angler, or just curious about fishing, we'd love to have you as part of our club. Our members are always happy to chat with existing, new and potential members. So what are you waiting for?


Barry Bertin

President & Treasurer

I am Barry Bertin and have been a member of the Bexhill Sea Angling Club for 50 years during which time I have been on the Committee for 42 years. Currently I hold the positions of Treasurer, Fish Recorder and Trophy Custodian and am honoured to have been voted into the position of President of the Club, a position that I have held for the past 17 years. My passion is boat angling and I kept my boats on the beach at Bexhill for 30 years until I broke my Achilles tendon. After that I moored my last two boats at Sovereign Harbour where my latest boat is moored and I currently fish from.


Allan Stanford

Club Secretary

Hello, my name is Allan Stanford. I was a junior member of BSAC back in the early 70s and after a long absence, I came back to the club around 20 years ago. I am proud to say the I have served on the committee for much of that time and have been the honorary secretary for the last 8 years. I have an interest in both boat and beach angling. Please contact me at any time if you have questions or club related problems.


Arthur Freeman

Membership Secretary

Welcome, I'm Arthur. One of our best assets in Bexhill is the sea, so why not join the club and experience the joys of sea angling right on your doorstep. 

As membership secretary and a local angler who loves to catch plaice from my boat, I am always ready to help newcomers to our sport.

John Coe

I'm a keen boat angler and long time club member. Ive also been know to flip a good burger at the club BBQs

Lee Phillips

Organiser of the Kayak section, so please feel free to chat with me anytime.

Gary Rumsey (a.k.a Ray Man)

Born and bred in Bexhill. Known for skill at catching Rays in competitions. 

R Lewington

am one of the team interested in getting the juniors and their parents into fishing. Talk to me if you are interested in starting out with fishing.

Mark Andrews (a.k.a Gadget) 

Social / Events Coordinator. Please let me know if you have any ideas for club activities

Clive Ford

I recently moved back to Bexhill after a few years working abroad Talk to me anytime about fishing or this website.

Dave Spooner

Keen boat and well known for my milky sweet tea. Anytime you want a chat, its milk and two sugars ! 

David Sanger

I'm one of the most experienced members of the club and happy to give any advice I can.

Pete Ballard

I am the Over 55s competition organiser. Please come an talk to me about the matches and joining.

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