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Beach Competition Results

29th October 2023

Too Rough to Fish

Five brave souls tried, but after an hour of big waves, strong wind and masses of weed a halt was called on proceedings.

The only benefit was, we got back to shelter before the rain hit.

There is always next time !

2023-10-29 Rough Sea comp_edited.jpg

Beach Competition Results 

30th September 2023

Do not feed the Unicorns

The results

1st - Martin Gosden - 5lb  4oz

2nd - Arthur Freeman - 4lb 5oz

3rd - Steve Hanks - 3lb 11oz

Cracking night of fishing, with lots of bites and the feeling of a potential big fish being landed.

Guess what... it did !  Martin found a unicorn (thats how rare cod are these days). 

So best fish a Cod of 4lb 8oz 

2023-09-30 - Unicorn

Beach Competition Results

12th August 2023

Dead Heat on the beach

The results 

1st = Clive Ford 

1st = Martin Gosden - 

3rd  Arthur Freeman

Its always fun when we get a close match and the competition couldnt have been tighter, with Martin and Clive both catching a Thornback Ray of 43cm.

2023-02-19 Beach Comp Winners_edited_edi

Beach Competition Results

1st July 2023

You gotta have Sole !

The results 

1st Martin Gosden - 1lb 11oz

2nd Arthur Freeman - 1lb 1oz

3rd Gary Ray Man Rumsey - 5oz

A surprisingly tough nights fishing with only 4 sizeable fish caught. However the bonus was the first Sole of the year (in a bexhill club competition).

Well done Martin on catching 50% of the fish.  A good result for a great angler. 

2023-07-01 Moon over sea.jpg

Beach Competition Results 

3rd June 2023

Clean Sweep for Clive

The results

1st - Clive Ford - 9lb  5oz

2nd - Martin Gosden - 5lb 13oz

3rd Arthur Freeman - 2lb 7oz

In general a good nights fishing, with a few Smoothound showing up as darkness fell. For some of us that meant the very last moment of the last cast.

Clive and Martin both had smoothounds with the biggest being 7 1/2 lbs.

2023-06-03 Competition.JPG

Beach Competition Results

14th October 2023

Ray of Light !

The results 

1st Arthur Freeman - 12lb 9oz

2nd Clive Ford - 5lb 6oz

3rd  Martin Gosden - 2lb 12oz

Fantastic nights fishing with bites from start to finish.

Arthur stole the show with a lovely Thornback Ray that measured 55cm from wingtip to wingtip


Beach Competition Results

16th September 2023

Finally a couple of Decent Bass

The results 

1st Steve Hanks - 5lb 10oz

2nd Clive Ford - 3lb 13oz

3rd Not won

Steve managed to find 2 nice Bass with the second one being around 3 1/2lb.

Clive managed a late Smoothound to come second and claim the biggest fish.

2023-07-01 Moon over sea.jpg

Beach Competition Results 

29th July 2023

Smooth Martins Starry Success

The results

1st - Martin Gosden - 13lb  7oz

2nd - John Histen- 8lb 2oz

3rd Steve Hanks - 1lb 9oz

It was a breezy night with a coloured sea, which made it more of a surprise that hounds showed up for some of the competitors.

First of all John beat the club Starry smoothound record and within minutes Martin topped it again with a fish of 7lb 10oz.

Could there be a wooden spoon award waiting ?  :o)

2023-07-29 Winners.JPG

Beach Competition Results

17thJune 2023

Its been a hard days night 

The results 

1st John Histed - 3lb 3oz

2nd Martin Gosden - 1lb 1oz

3rd not won

A difficult nights fishing, that really switched on after the competition was over. Pleasure anglers caught bass and smoothound at high tide which was just after our competition ended.  A BIG well done to a tired looking John and Martin who both managed to find a fish.

2023-06-17 Competition Winners.jpg

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