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Fishing with BSAC

We are committed to keeping pleasure fishing a part of life in Bexhill and as such have an active fishing community and welcome people new to fishing with advice and sessions with experience anglers.

This page links to the fishing rules, size limits and records.

Judge and Gavel

All sports have rules, the general fishing rules can be found here.  Including maximum numbers of rods, hooks and the bounderies of the club

Find the minimum size details here,  feel free to download and print this sheet.

Price List

Interested to know what are the biggest fish caught by BSAC members, which are the longest standing. Who has a British record ?  Here is the place to find out.

Caught a big fish ?  Is it a specimen ?  Take a look here if you want to record it. Recording a fish enters you for the fish of the month and year competition.

On the Scales
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See what specimen fish have been caught from the beach or boat in 2023

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