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Club Membership

If you are interested in becoming a club member, then complete the form below. Once submitted your application will be reviewed at the next committee meeting and you will be notified thereafter. 

Membership cards will be provided after payment is received

Adult Membership Application

This application form will be placed before the Committee for approval at their next meeting.


The Committee reserves the right to refuse any application or withdraw membership at its discretion.


Please note that as a Full Member of the Club you have limited public liability insurance cover while sea angling from shore or boat anywhere in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and The Channel Islands.


You should therefore consider taking out more comprehensive public liability insurance, such as that provided by becoming a member of The Angling Trust. Application forms for the Angling Trust can be obtained in the Clubhouse or you can apply online at


By signing this form, you confirm that you have received a copy of the Club Constitution and agree to be bound by the Rules contained therein and that you give your consent to your personal details being held for the purposes of the administration of the Club.

Choose your membership:
Notification Options

Thank you for your application

Privacy policy

We collect and store your personal information in line with the General Data Protection Regulations. Your personal details will not be shared with any other organisation. If you require further information, you may request a copy of the BSAC Privacy Notice or visit our website: Bexhill Sea Angling Club’s Executive Committee accept no liability and will in no way be responsible for any Member involved in an accident or incident in any location whether on land, foreshore, marina or at sea, for injury to yourself or member of the public, or damage sustained to any property

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